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Monday, August 13, 2007

Stormy Weather!

Well here I am again...2 days in a row! My friend Iana has gone on a 3 week break to Italy and I feel bereft after only 1 day without her...we are used to talking everyday so it seems strange not to be able to pick up the phone! Mind you apparently she has done something to ehr phone to allow calls from the UK to be at UK rate...I shall try it and see!! Busy day with the shop...I've had a lot of orders to get ready and I am trying to get ahead of myself with my Ribbons To Go. One step forward, two steps back however!!! Next on the list is to design more Blossom To Go Kits...I have an idea for one already...Stormy honour of today's torrential downpours here in Belfast!! I shall upload once I have concocted it in my design laboratory!!!

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